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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Blog, First Thought...

Well, first off, hello. I'm pretty new to this whole thing, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Alli. I am 19 years old, I recently had the most adorable little boy, named Markus. My boyfriend and I moved into our own place out of the clutches of our parents. On my 19th birthday, he proposed. The time frames is set for sometime this coming summer. (Hoorah!) Living with someone, who is not my family, on our own has been much more trying (and much much more revealing), then I thought it would be. In 6 months, I have cried, and I have laughed, I have learned, and I have loved. In that time, I couldn't even begin to tell you what has been going on.

Well, enough about me.

A penny for some thoughts.

In the past 6 months, I have figured out that I am exactly where I didn't want to be in life. I am a stay at home mom and housewife. I rely completely on someone else to take care of and support me and my family. When I was young, I had every dream to be a working professional, who had a high school diploma, who went to school to be someone important, who could take care of herself, who was independent, who could work, who didn't need financial aid and the support of others to survive. But I am, exactly that. I stress, and I worry, just like any other individual. And I get frustrated and sometimes, I just don't know what to do with myself, but I love my family very much, and I love my fiancé and my son with all of my heart.

But I guess the moral of the story is that, no matter what happens, and no matter where you end up in life, you still have to be yourself, and be happy with what you have, because eventually, everything WILL work out.



  1. Exactly true. You can not always control what comes into your life, but you can control your reaction to it. Be yourself, and choose to be happy, and everything WILL eventually work out.. and sometimes even better than you imagined them to.

  2. You can do and be anything you want Alli :) You're still young and you have enough family around to help you out with Markus. Go to school and be who you want to be! You have sooooo much time to live and grow and be YOU! :) Please let me know if you need help with your little cutie!

    Congrats on starting a blog! I'm here for any questions :)

  3. Everything always works out, sometimes it takes time but it always does, and when it does it's usually is better then we ever thought it could be.

    As Markus gets a little older I bet you'll be able to go out and about more, in the meantime, looks like you have people to help you out and the internet huh? :)

    Love the blog Alli, have fun with it!

  4. Love your thoughts, Alli and love the positive summary at the end. Everything WILL work out and for the best too. Looking forward to reading and learning more. Thanks for sharing!